Pampas Code appreciate your visit to our website and your interest in our services and products. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site. We care about protecting your personal data collected, processed and used during your visit to the Website.

By accessing the website Pampas Code, you agree to this Privacy Statement.
If you do not accept this statement, could not consult websites of the website Pampas Code.

This Statement may be updated periodically, so we ask the user who consult regularly. In the last line of this Statement the date of the last update is indicated.

What is the purpose and scope of this Statement?
Pampas Code, its subsidiaries and branches ("Pampas Code" or "We") are committed to protecting the personal information collected from visitors to the website Pampas Code. Therefore, Pampas Code has developed this Declaration that describes the type of data and how it is collected from users of the website Pampas Code and the reasons why Pampas Code collects, shares and reveals such data. Pampas Code also indicates that reasonable precautions are taken to keep your data safely.

This Statement applies to any information obtained through the use of the Web Site Pampas Code. It does not apply to any other Internet web site controlled by third parties not affiliated with Pampas Code that may be linked to the website of Pampas Code ("Third Party Sites"). You should review the privacy statements of Third Party Sites as Pampas Code does not respond the content or privacy practices of third party sites, or have any influence over them.

The terms of this Statement are subject to additional conditions disclaimer clauses and other contractual terms you may have entered into with Pampas Code, including statements or customer privacy notices and applicable laws and regulations.

What information we collect from you and for what purpose?
During the visit the Web Site of Pampas Code, our web server automatically records your IP address, the website from which you visit us, the type of browser software used and the web pages you visit, including the date and duration. We also collect personal data that the user provides through the website Pampas Code, for example when you enter your personal information (name, company name, phone, e-mail, country, city, address, e-mail, how we found and message) in the contact record page. Pampas Code will use your personal information solely for the purpose of technical administration, research and development of Pampas Code Website as well as customer management, and marketing users.

How we collect and store user information?
Pampas Code uses tracking technology such as cookies or tags to gather information as indicated above (see: "What information we collect from you and for what purpose?") In order to understand how visitors use the website Pampas Code. Tracking technology helps us manage and improve the usability of the website Pampas Code, for example, determining whether there has been any contact between us and the user's computer in the past and identify the most popular sections of the website Pampas Code .

The user must check that the configuration of your computer reflects whether you accept cookies and other tracking technology or are disabled. The user can configure your browser to warn you before accepting such tracking technology, or to refuse these devices. The browser manual includes specific instructions in this regard. Disabling devices can reduce the availability of the services offered by the Website Pampas Code or some sections no longer operate correctly.

All electronic messages sent to and from Pampas Code are automatically saved in a separate journaling system which preserves the evidential value of the emails. These are protected by appropriate legal and organizational measures, techniques, which can only be accessed in justified cases in line with the regulations and legislation (for example, court orders, suspicion of criminal conduct, violation of regulatory obligations, material breach of employment contract) to specific persons in defined functions (eg legal department, compliance or risk). Each stage of the process and the search for criteria used are recorded in an audit file. Once it conquered the applicable retention period all emails are deleted.

Who disclose the information contained in the website Pampas Code?
Pampas Code may disclose user information to your employees, agents and affiliates inside or outside the country of residence of the user, to serve Pampas Code. Our employees, agents, affiliates and third party providers who have access to personal data collected through the website Pampas Code are obliged to respect your privacy.

When transferring personal data internationally we make sure to comply with laws and regulations, for example by establishing agreements to ensure that recipients of user information maintain an adequate level of data protection.

We may also disclose user information to government agencies or entities, regulatory authorities or other persons, in accordance with the regulations, orders, subpoenas, official requests or similar procedures, as required or permitted by applicable law.

What security measures have been implemented to protect user information?
Pampas Code uses technical and organizational security measures to reasonably protect personal data against unauthorized access, accidental or intentional manipulation, loss and destruction.

What must be taken into account when transferring data over the Internet?
Generally, the Internet is not considered a secure environment and it is possible that unauthorized third parties to access information that is sent over the Internet, with the potential disclosure risk changes in content or technical failures. Even if the sender and recipient are in the same country, information sent via the Internet may be transmitted across international borders to a country whose level of data protection is less than that of the country of residence.

The user should be aware that not vouch for the security of your information when it is in transit over the Internet before reaching Pampas Code. To protect your privacy, we remind users that, whenever deemed appropriate, may choose another means to contact Pampas Code which are detailed below:
Phone: +54.2302.322122
Mail: ra.moc.edocsapmap@otcatnoc 

How do we treat the information age 18?
The website Pampas Code does not seek to collect information from children under 18. Persons under 18 must have permission from their parents or legal guardian before providing any personal information to Pampas Code in the Pampas Code Website.

What the user has to do to access your personal information, for future reference or to request the removal of your data?
The user, in case you have any questions about the processing of their personal data must send a e-mail to the following address: ra.moc.edocsapmap@otcatnoc

Last update: February 2014.